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11 November 2010
SPV America to provide Security Weaver workshops
Register for workshops in Munich Germany and San Francisco CA.

10 November 2010
SPV America CEO Presented at Systems 2009
Vanessa Balogh presented on the following topics:

GRC a holistic approach with today's tools and technologies

Moving beyond Information Security to Process Oriented Risk Management

7 November 2010
SOX Institute releases First Book in Sarbanes-Oxley Body of Knowledge (Sox BokTM) Series
SOX Institute today announced the publication of the first book in its Sarbanes-Oxley Body of Knowledge (SOXBoK) series, “The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: An Introduction”. SOX Institute recognizes 23 professionals including SPV America in the creation of the SOX BoK. More info.

Secure Enterprise

Secure Enterprise extends the innovative design and unparalleled performance of Security Weaver's SOD conflict management module, Separations Enforcer, by providing an integration layer allowing organizations that run SAP to monitor SOD's across the enterprise. Secure Enterprise is delivered with a configurable, function based SOD Matrix that can be easily updated to provide a cross-platform SOD management framework for any system within your enterprise landscape including other ERPs, legacy applications and in-house or proprietary systems.

Enterprise-wide SOD conflict management
Comprehensive assessment of segregation of duties conflicts in any application environment.

Faster Compliance Verification
Secure Enterprise identifies potential functional conflicts faster, thus closing the GAP on continuous compliance across the enterprise and limiting the time that your organization is exposed to compliance risk.

Lower Cost & Real-time Analysis and Reporting
Efficient "function-based" design reduces from days to seconds the time required for performing role analysis and reporting processes, thereby using fewer server resources and less manpower, and saving significant operating costs.

Leverage Your Internal SAP Expertise
As with all Security Weaver products for SAP, Secure Enterprise is build using SAP technology and provides a low-cost approach to enterprise-wide application compliance automation.

Benefits for Auditors

PREDEFINED SOD MATRIX- Secure Enterprise delivers a predefined, yet fully customizable SOD matrix. Security Weaver's SOD matrix provides true plug and play capabilities for your implementation of Security Weaver. We know it is a comprehensive matrix because the SAP systems of our customers have repeatedly stood up to the review of the big four auditing firms. running their own proprietary compliance tool kits.

Mitigating Controls Documentation in Secure Enterprise provides your organization with a comprehensive view of all controls relevant to a business process making Security Weaver your single source for SAP compliance information.

Benefits for Administrators

SIMULATION ANALYSIS WITH PROCHECK quickly assess the impact of requested changes to your security profiles before activating them. This ensures changes will not introduce new SOD conflicts. As a result, SOD conflicts are identified before they reach production, a literal "Pre-emptive" strike against SOD conflicts.

Benefits for Management

ROBUST REPORTING From reports that provide executives with concise information in plain business language, to technical reports to assist your security administrator and auditors with managing enterprise application compliance.

Featured Product Offerings:

We offer consulting and implementation services for a range of SAP Security and Compliance products such as:

The entire Security Weaver Complete Compliance Suite  

  Security Weaver Separations Enforcer

  Security Weaver Emergency Repair„

  Security Weaver Provisioning

  Security Weaver Secure Audit

  Security Weaver Secure Enterprise

The entire SAP Access Control Suite

  Risk Analysis and Remediation -
Real-time compliance through risk assessment and implementation

  Enterprise Role Management - Centralized and standardized enterprise role management

  Superuser Privilege Management - Controlled and documented realisation of emergency concepts

  Compliant User Provisioning - Central and workflow-based user provisioning under consideration of compliance requirements

Additional Tools and Products for your SAP compliance needs.  

  Transaction Shuttle

  Run Shuttle


  SPV Fax Solution


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