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11 November 2010
SPV America to provide Security Weaver workshops
Register for workshops in Munich Germany and San Francisco CA.

10 November 2010
SPV America CEO Presented at Systems 2009
Vanessa Balogh presented on the following topics:

GRC a holistic approach with today's tools and technologies

Moving beyond Information Security to Process Oriented Risk Management

7 November 2010
SOX Institute releases First Book in Sarbanes-Oxley Body of Knowledge (Sox BokTM) Series
SOX Institute today announced the publication of the first book in its Sarbanes-Oxley Body of Knowledge (SOXBoK) series, “The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: An Introduction”. SOX Institute recognizes 23 professionals including SPV America in the creation of the SOX BoK. More info.

Technology & Tools


We offer much more then consulting services, SPV delivers top-rate solutions by combining our industry expertise, a complete range of consulting services, our own AuditProof™ methodology along with our tool set of leading technology products integrated together in order to ensure sustainable and cost-effective solutions to any of our client's GRC requirements.

GRC programs can lead to competitive advantages and our experience with different software products ensures that the advantages are meaningful and long lasting.
Our approach differs from other consulting firms because we remain vendor agnostic. We are prepared to work with any solution that our customers have chosen. And we also have established agreements in place with a number of proven products in the market today.

Through our years of experience working with different tools, we are able to jump start your GRC project by taking either a leading role or supporting role in selecting and implementing the right tool for your business needs. Our consultants are well trained and experienced with leading software products: SAP R/3 and ECC 5.0, Virsa, and Security Weaver.

Other SPV Product Solutions:

SecLookOn - an access control system for internet applications or operating systems solutions and commonly used software. SecLookOn can be bought as a customized application.

Our consultants have experience with many different software products including:
SAP, Approva, PWC, Security Weaver, Winshuttle, InfoSecure and others

Featured Product Offerings:

We offer consulting and implementation services for a range of SAP Security and Compliance products such as:

The entire Security Weaver Complete Compliance Suite  

  Security Weaver Separations Enforcer

  Security Weaver Emergency Repair

  Security Weaver Provisioning

  Security Weaver Secure Audit

  Security Weaver Secure Enterprise

The entire SAP Access Control Suite

  Risk Analysis and Remediation -
Real-time compliance through risk assessment and implementation

  Enterprise Role Management - Centralized and standardized enterprise role management

  Superuser Privilege Management - Controlled and documented realisation of emergency concepts

  Compliant User Provisioning - Central and workflow-based user provisioning under consideration of compliance requirements

Additional Tools and Products for your SAP compliance needs.  

  Transaction Shuttle

  Run Shuttle



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